Black-Owned Amazon Finds: Our 10 Current Favorites

Black-Owned Amazon Finds: Our 10 Current Favorites

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time and even more money on Amazon than you probably should. I can't help it. During my hours of aimless shopping, how often do you think a Black-owned brand comes across the page? Not as often as it should. Instead of waiting around for Black-owned brands to pop up, I’m going in search of them. Keeping up with our series, here are our 10 latest Black-owned Amazon finds for April.

My Fabulous Food’s Luxury Black Lava and Alaea Sea Salt Gift Set

My Fabulous Food’s luxe sea salt gift set contains the perfect pair of products. The Black Lava and Alaea Sea Salt Gift Set is an excellent gift for the food enthusiast who has a taste for quality and loves all things lavish. Each pair of sea salts comes in a beautiful glossy black gift box adorned with custom My Fabulous Food ribboning and a golden seasoning spoon. The Black Lava Sea Salt takes its color from the activated charcoal found in coconut shells, and the product can be used to season eggs, salads, avocado, or fish. The Alaea Sea Salt, however, is infused with Hawaiian alaea red clay from Kauai Island. The brand recommends using it on grilled vegetables, meats, or even chocolate desserts.

Ubah Hot’s Hot Sauce Collection

Ubah Hot is a hot sauce that can be used to make any meal delicious. It adds flavor and brings a sensational taste of Africa to the palate. The UBAH HOT Hot Sauce collection comes with all three varieties — ruby for fresno mild, emerald for serrano medium, and yellow tanzanite for habanero hot. The fresno mild has a mild taste and vibrant red color perfect to enjoy on chips, bread, and more. The serrano medium, made with rich, strong flavors like cilantro and garlic, has more of a kick. And for those looking for real heat, you’ll find it in the habanero hot that is made with its namesake peppers.

Simone I. Smith’s Extra-Large Everlasting Love Hoop Earrings

In 2011, this Black-owned brand was founded by Simone I, Smith. The wife of entertainment icon, LL Cool J, a proud mother of four and “MoMa” of two, she’s also a 17-year cancer survivor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Simone I. Smith Extra-Large Everlasting Love Hoop Earrings are the perfect gift for any occasion. This pair of earrings feature the signature bridge hook that helps maintain the shape and integrity of the hoops. Although the large size is certain to get you noticed, the earrings are lightweight and easy for transitioning from a day to night look.

ICONI Seamless High-Waisted Leggings

ICONI is Black-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned by CEO and founder, Angel J. ICONI is a motivational and inclusive activewear line that donates 10% of their profits to nonprofit organizations. ICONI stands for "I Can Overcome, Nothing's Impossible." Their mission is to change the world one legging at a time by motivating people through their high-quality activewear which they’re doing with the ICONI Seamless High-Waisted Leggings. Squat proof and moisture wicking, these leggings feature a supportive waistband and seamless fit.

Ayesha Curry Home Collection Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set

In 2021, Ayesha Curry launched her home cookware collection available at Kohl’s and on Amazon. Her kitchenware brings performance, functionality, and eye-catching details to the kitchen with professional grade features like enhanced nonstick and diamond textured cooking surfaces. The Home Collection Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set comes in charcoal gray with nine pieces including a fry pan, saucepan, and Dutch oven. This set is also made with stainless steel handles and shatter-resistant glass lids that are oven-safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rayo & Honey’s “Joy Is An Act of Resistance” Tote Bag

Rayo & Honey is a Black-owned goods brand handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY. They are combining pop-culture, literature, and a clean design aesthetic in creating their products. This special sort of alchemy involves transforming phrases from literature, affirming quotes, and pop-culture references that inspire her, into hangable and wearable artworks. Inspired by American poet Toi Derricotte, the “Joy Is An Act of Resistance” tote bag encourages us to seek joy in all that we do.

Raycon’s The Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Raycon exists to prove that premium audio doesn’t have to price you out. We’re here to defy the industry by tailoring our tech to the people– giving them booming audio and luxurious comfort. With a small build and might sound, the Raycon Everyday Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds deliver crisp and powerful beats for your everyday grind. The product features on this product really allow it to shine. In addition to vivid voice technology and three sound profiles, it is both water and splash resistant, has 32 hours of standby battery and 8 hours of continuous use, and comes with a wireless charging case.

Powerhandz PowerPack Fitness Bundle

For all of our fitness enthusiasts, try the Powerhandsz PowerPack Fitness Bundle. The bundle comes available with resistance bands and sliding discs. The resistance bands will help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living, enhance athletic performance, and make measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy easy. Sliding discs are beneficial to lengthening and strengthening all major muscle groups by allowing you to engage in a full range of motion. These discs will allow you to tone your inner and outer thighs, sculpt the legging, and firm and lift those ever popular glutes.

Grace Eleyae’s Adjustable Satin-Lined Baseball Hat

For your messy hair emergency plan, the Adjustable Satin-Lined Baseball Hat is a classic baseball cap paired with a smooth satin lining to help protect your hair. The satin-lining allows you to throw it on and go while protecting your hair from drying out, frizzing up, and tangling. Meanwhile, the adjustable back strap lets you tighten the hat to your liking and secure it for any and all activities.

Rockin' JR Ranch’s Peach Raspberry Habanero Jam & Strawberry Jalapeno Jam 2-Pack Gift Set

Growing up steps away from the storied French Quarter, New Orleans native Janice Davis has a passion for food that started at a very early age. 34 miles east of San Antonio, you will find a small Texas town named Seguin, the home of Ray Zies. Together, they make the Rockin' J R Ranch a culinary delight! Rockin' JR Ranch is a specialty food producer focusing on New Orleans favorites, jellies, and sweet treats. Their award-winning Peach Raspberry Habanero Jam & Strawberry Jalapeno Jam are sure to become a favorite in the household.


What Black-owned products are you finding on Amazon? Share them with us in the comments! I'm always on the hunt for new products. My wallet won't thank you, but I will.