Atlanta Falcons Gain Four New Black Owners: Will Packer, Dominique Dawes, Rosalind Brewer, and Rashaun Williams

Last updated on Jun 18, 2024

Posted on Jun 18, 2024

The Atlanta Falcons have announced the addition of four new limited partners to their ownership group: Rosalind Brewer, Dominique Dawes, Will Packer, and Rashaun Williams. This landmark decision was approved by the NFL’s full ownership during the league meetings in Nashville, and it represents a significant step forward in diversifying NFL ownership.

The inclusion of Brewer, Dawes, Packer, and Williams is particularly noteworthy, as it brings the number of Black minority owners in the NFL to only seven, despite over 50 percent of the league’s players identifying as Black or African American. This stark disparity highlights the importance of their addition, which brings much-needed representation at the ownership level.

The new limited partners bring a wealth of experience from various fields:

  • Rosalind Brewer: Known for her trailblazing role as the first Black CEO of Walgreens and the only Black woman to lead a Fortune 500 company until recently, Brewer’s corporate leadership is set to bring a new dimension to the Falcons’ ownership group. She has been associated with the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation since 2016, bringing a deep understanding of the values that drive the organization.
  • Dominique Dawes: An iconic figure in gymnastics, Dawes made history as the first African American gymnast to win an Olympic gold medal. Her achievements in the 1996 Atlanta Games have made her a symbol of excellence and inspiration. Dawes aims to use her platform to further impact the Atlanta community and the NFL at large.
  • Will Packer: A powerhouse in the entertainment industry, Packer is the founder of Will Packer Productions and Will Packer Media. He has been instrumental in creating diverse imagery in Hollywood, producing hits like Girls Trip and Straight Outta Compton. Packer’s commitment to representation and equity aligns perfectly with the Falcons’ core values.
  • Rashaun Williams: A financial literacy activist and investor with over 170 investments, Williams brings a keen financial acumen to the team. An alumnus of Morehouse College, he is deeply connected to the Atlanta community and is excited to contribute to the Falcons’ growth and success.

Statements from the New Owners

Each of the new partners expressed their enthusiasm and vision for their roles with the Falcons:

Rosalind Brewer stated, “True leadership extends beyond boardrooms and onto the fields where dreams are forged and communities united. I look forward to championing the Falcons' successes and Atlanta's spirit as we strive to make a genuine difference in the lives we touch, both on and off the field.”

Dominique Dawes emphasized, “The unique opportunity Mr. Blank has provided enables me to further my positive impact on those in the Atlanta community, a place I hold near and dear to my heart. My platform and influence as one of the few African American women to be a limited partner in the NFL will have a broad impact.”

Will Packer highlighted the importance of representation, saying, “The power of representation and equity should never be underestimated. This investment represents not only the personal opportunity of a lifetime but also the chance to demonstrate that someone who looks like me can excel at the highest level of NFL ownership.”

Rashaun Williams added, “NFL football is the great unifier, bringing people together across socioeconomic, racial, and political divides. I believe in the immense potential of this team and this city to Rise Up to the greatest heights.”

Arthur M. Blank, the owner and chairman of the Atlanta Falcons, expressed his excitement about the new partners joining the ownership group. “Roz, Dominique, Will, and Rashaun are impressive leaders who have made an impact in a variety of enterprises. Each brings unique talent, experience, and perspective, and I’m excited to tap into their vast expertise to continue building the Atlanta Falcons and making an even bigger difference in our community.”

With this dynamic and diverse group of new limited partners, the Atlanta Falcons are poised to soar to new heights, both on and off the field. The team’s commitment to excellence, representation, and community impact stands stronger than ever, promising a bright future for the Falcons and their fans.

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