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This 14-Year-Old Created A Watch To Detect The Signs Of Stroke

14-year-old Naya Ellis has had a passion for science since childhood, driven by her aspiration to make a meaningful difference in the medical realm. Her journey traces back to the age of 7 when she tended to her mother, battling breast cancer, diligently changing bandages in a gesture of love

02 Apr 24 2 min read
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The Richest Black Communities in the United States

What do you imagine when you think of Black communities? Society and entertainment still shape Black communities to solely mirror “ghettos.” It’s the 2020s. There is more to Black communities than what you see on TV and film. While shows and movies are showing poverty and crime, that’s

18 Mar 24 6 min read
Black Excellence

Meet Dr. Iman Abuzeid: At The Helm of A Unicorn Startup

In 2017, Iman Abuzeid founded Incredible Health in an attempt to address the nursing shortage faced by American hospitals, which has resulted in burnout, frustration, and stress among healthcare professionals. Through Incredible Health, she is connecting qualified nurses with hospitals and cutting the hiring process down from the 90-day national

29 Feb 24 1 min read

Issa Rae Is Launching A Studio To Create Opportunities For Creators

Issa Rae is expanding her business portfolio with a new up and coming venture.  In a recent conversation with Time Magazine, the multifaceted actress and producer unveiled an array of new projects and ventures coming down the pipeline. Issa Rae is emphatically signaling that she's far from reaching

13 Feb 24 1 min read

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