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Black History

What Is Juneteenth and Why Do We Celebrate It?

What is Juneteenth? Now that Juneteenth has been declared a federal holiday, millions of Americans will have a day off for an event they know little about. The history of the United States is centuries old, and still, while most people are aware of the significance of July 4, 1776,

19 Jun 24 3 min read

Mattel Is Honoring Venus Williams With Her Own Barbie Doll

In celebration of its 65th anniversary, Barbie is honoring nine trailblazing woman athletes with one-of-a-kind dolls in their likeness, including the legendary tennis star Venus Williams. This initiative by Mattel not only commemorates Barbie’s legacy but also aims to empower young girls by showcasing real-life role models who have

17 Jun 24 2 min read

Meet the Black Entrepreneurs Transforming Shipping Containers into Affordable Homes

Jessica Lewis and Ibrahim Smith are not only disrupting traditional building methods but also pioneering an innovative approach to affordable housing. As the founders of MOBU Enterprises, they are transforming shipping containers into disaster-resistant, sustainable homes, marking a significant milestone for Black-owned businesses in the construction sector. The inception of

13 Jun 24 2 min read

30 Black-Owned Brands You Can Shop at Target

When Black-owned brands make their way onto the shelves of big box retailers, it’s time for us to show up and show out. While it is important to support these brands through their own avenues, showing up at stores like Target sends a different message. It says, yes, we

22 May 24 13 min read

Black-Woman-Owned Beauty Brand Acquired by West Lane Capital Partners

In a significant move within the beauty industry, Mented Cosmetics, a pioneering Black woman-owned beauty brand, has been acquired by West Lane Capital Partners. The acquisition marks a new chapter for Mented Cosmetics, known for its inclusive range of makeup products catering to women of all complexions. Co-founded in 2017

25 Apr 24 2 min read

This Black Woman-Owned Electric Company Secured Six-Figure Deal with Utility Giant

Detroit Voltage, a pioneering Black woman-owned electrical contracting firm based in Detroit, has achieved a significant milestone by securing a six-figure deal with DTE Energy, the largest electric utility company in Michigan. This deal not only signifies a momentous achievement for the company but also highlights the entrepreneurial spirit and

23 Apr 24 2 min read

Jamie Foxx Unveils New Whiskey Brand With Partner

Academy Award-winning actor, comedian, and musician Jamie Foxx has joined forces with spirits incubator WES Brands to introduce a new whiskey brand: Brown Sugar Blend (BSB). BSB Whiskey is not just another spirit on the shelf; it's a labor of love that took over two years of meticulous

15 Apr 24 2 min read

Serena Williams Launches Inclusive Make Up Line: Wyn Beauty

Serena Williams, renowned as the queen of the tennis court, is now making strides in the beauty industry with the launch of her inclusive makeup line, Wyn Beauty. Inspired by her passion for both victory and beauty, Williams introduces a range that embodies her ethos of empowerment and inclusivity. With

03 Apr 24 2 min read

This 14-Year-Old Created A Watch To Detect The Signs Of Stroke

14-year-old Naya Ellis has had a passion for science since childhood, driven by her aspiration to make a meaningful difference in the medical realm. Her journey traces back to the age of 7 when she tended to her mother, battling breast cancer, diligently changing bandages in a gesture of love

02 Apr 24 2 min read

17 Lingerie Brands Made By and For Black Women

Everyone wants to get sexy from time to time. There’s something about lingerie that makes us feel good about ourselves. And whether you’re putting it on for yourself or a significant other, you should feel good when you wear it. Some of the most popular lingerie brands feel

29 Mar 24 9 min read
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The Richest Black Communities in the United States

What do you imagine when you think of Black communities? Society and entertainment still shape Black communities to solely mirror “ghettos.” It’s the 2020s. There is more to Black communities than what you see on TV and film. While shows and movies are showing poverty and crime, that’s

18 Mar 24 6 min read
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Black-Owned Wineries To Add To Your 2024 Wine Trail

When we think of wineries, we hardly give much consideration to the ownership; however, the reality reveals a significant lack of diversity within the industry. According to the Association of African American Vintners, of more than 1,000 wineries within the United States, less than 1% are Black owned.  There

15 Mar 24 3 min read
What's New

A Timeline of Beyoncé’s Many Wins (and Fails) In Business

With an estimated net worth of $800 million, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is undoubtedly a multi-generational cultural icon who dominates off the stage as well (just ask the Beyhive). Having recently launched her haircare brand, Cécred (pronounced sacred), she’s fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams of creating hair products that

08 Mar 24 4 min read
Black Excellence

Meet Dr. Iman Abuzeid: At The Helm of A Unicorn Startup

In 2017, Iman Abuzeid founded Incredible Health in an attempt to address the nursing shortage faced by American hospitals, which has resulted in burnout, frustration, and stress among healthcare professionals. Through Incredible Health, she is connecting qualified nurses with hospitals and cutting the hiring process down from the 90-day national

29 Feb 24 1 min read
Black History

16 Wealthy Black Americans from Black History

Curated by Irene Smalls, MBA What do a scoundrel, a lady of the evening, a slave owner, an explorer, and businessmen have in common? They all became rich Black figures in American History. From the early days of struggle against slavery to the present era of groundbreaking achievements, Black individuals

23 Feb 24 6 min read
Black History

6 Must-Read Books By Black Authors

Standing imposingly along West Africa’s Gold Coast are two of approximately 40 castles originally constructed in Ghana for European traders - Cape Coast and Elmina. Powerful symbols of the Transatlantic slave trade, they are relics of a harrowing past, whose legacy continues to reverberate. Engraved on their walls are

17 Feb 24 4 min read
Black Owned Businesses

Black-Owned Haircare Brands Making Life A Tad Bit Easier

Over the years, the natural hair movement has been reenergized, blossoming into not just a potent force for empowerment, but also a necessary one that has challenged societal norms and stereotypes. Transcending a mere phenomenon, the movement has been a vital catalyst for broader conversations on the importance of representation,

16 Feb 24 3 min read

Issa Rae Is Launching A Studio To Create Opportunities For Creators

Issa Rae is expanding her business portfolio with a new up and coming venture.  In a recent conversation with Time Magazine, the multifaceted actress and producer unveiled an array of new projects and ventures coming down the pipeline. Issa Rae is emphatically signaling that she's far from reaching

13 Feb 24 1 min read

Byron Allen Submits Bid To Purchase Paramount Global For $14.3B

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Allen Media Group extended a $14.3 billion offer to acquire the remaining shares of Paramount Global. If green-lit, this deal would encompass Paramount's debt, estimated at around $15 billion. According to the outlet, a statement indicated, "Mr. Byron Allen submitted a

01 Feb 24 1 min read
Black Owned Businesses

18 Black-Owned Wine Brands To Support Today

Did you know that less than 1% of winemakers are Black? Yes, you heard correctly. That’s why we’re excited to bring you this round up of Black-owned brands you can support! But first… Welcome back to Official Black Wall Street, the largest app and digital platform connecting you

29 Jan 24 1 min read
Entrepreneur Spotlight

The 10 Wealthiest Black Entrepreneurs in America

In this video we're going to discuss the 10 wealthiest Black entrepreneurs in America today. These individuals have built successful businesses and have amassed impressive fortunes along the way. Get ready to be inspired by their incredible journeys and the impact they have made in their respective industries.

24 Jan 24 1 min read
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3 Tips to Get Your Small Business Through Tax Season

Tax filing season is here. Most founders would prefer to focus on their business rather than dive into the minutiae of tax forms and filing deadlines. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to get your startup’s taxes completed on time and with as little disruption to

15 Jan 24 2 min read
Business Tips

3 Ways to Make the Best Connection With Customers

No matter how amazing a company’s products or services are, it’s impossible to survive without customers. Whether it’s a steady stream of new customers or a revolving door of loyal ones, forming a strong connection with your clientele is the best way to keep them invested in

02 Jan 24 4 min read

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