Beauty Founder Makes History As The First Creator to Hit $1 Million In Sales In One TikTok Live Session

Last updated on Jun 14, 2024

Posted on Jun 14, 2024

Stormi Steele, the visionary founder and CEO of Canvas Beauty, recently made history by becoming the first creator on TikTok to earn over $1 million during a single live session. This achievement, realized Saturday, June 8, 2024, underscores Steele’s drive, innovative spirit, and commitment to her brand's mission of empowering women globally.

Steele’s journey from her modest beginnings in a small, no-stoplight town in Mississippi to becoming a trailblazer in the beauty industry is nothing short of inspirational. The Love and Marriage Huntsville star founded the self-made beauty brand in 2018. Reflecting on her path, Steele remarked, "I'm still amazed. Coming from a no-stoplight town in Mississippi to becoming the first person and brand to make $1 million on TikTok during a single live is surreal. When I started Canvas Beauty, I wanted to change the world and beat the odds against me, all while making women feel beautiful."

"To be the FIRST person and brand to accomplish this epic feat and being a part of TIKTOK history is a dream come true!" - Stormi Steele

Canvas Beauty, born from Steele’s ingenuity and passion, has rapidly become one of the fastest-growing beauty brands globally. Operating from her warehouse in Huntsville, Alabama, Steele's key driver of this success has been the Body Glaze line, which sold over 1 million units in its debut year. This product line boosted Steele’s visibility, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers and earning rave reviews from industry influencers.

From the brink of losing her brand in 2022 to redefining industry standards, Steele continues to rewrite the playbook in the beauty world. As she continues to make waves in the beauty industry, she remains committed to her mission of empowering others. "My obedience is connected to so many other people’s destiny, and I take that to heart the LONNNGGGG WAY!!!" she stated on Instagram.

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