Four Ways YOU Have Been Wasting Time!

Last updated on Mar 25, 2024

Posted on Mar 14, 2024

"The major difference between achieving people and average people is how they use their time."

- John Maxwell


TIME is the most important resource known to mankind. Are You Wasting It? There are hundreds of productive ways to use our time but there was never a class on how NOT to use time. Even highly productive people are guilty of procrastination. Let this list serve as a quick self assessment.


1. Doing things that are not important.

We waste time on unimportant things because we haven't identified what IS important. If you don't take the time to evaluate who and what is important to you (X) If you don't create meaningful goals to work towards (X) If you don't identify a purpose in your life (X). Without priorities you will always succumb to the allure of moment OR you'll end up with #2.


2. Doing things that other people want you to do.

If you don't have an agenda for yourself, you will become a part of someone else's agenda. People will gladly use your time and help you waste it if you let them. All the more reason to have a plan for yourself and remember what Billionaire Warren Buffet said, "The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say 'no' to almost everything."

3. Doing things that can be done better by others.

I confess... I'm guilty of this one! As an entrepreneur I once tried to do everything myself. It caused me to use waaay more time to produce average results; ie Wasting Time. What I learned here is not to ask "When can I do this task?" The solution is to ask, "How can I get this task done?" ie Delegate to a specialist!


4. Doing things with the wrong motives.

This increases conflicts within ourselves and others. Decisions that lack integrity will only cost you time in the long run. What I've noticed is that people with good motives spend their time preparing (efficiency) and people with bad motives spend their time repairing (double work). And when it comes to people, Emmy White said, "The most time consuming things one can have is an enemy."
The only thing that can compensate for wasting time is good Character. Here is 5 Skills That Will Make You More Likable.

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