Black-Owned Wineries To Add To Your 2024 Wine Trail

Last updated on Jun 10, 2024

Posted on Mar 15, 2024

When we think of wineries, we hardly give much consideration to the ownership; however, the reality reveals a significant lack of diversity within the industry. According to the Association of African American Vintners, of more than 1,000 wineries within the United States, less than 1% are Black owned. 

There is no doubt that representation matters. The push towards supporting Black-owned businesses over the years has underscored the benefits of increasing diversity and expanding perspectives across all sectors. Therefore, dismantling the dominance of a homogenous demographic in the wine industry necessitates more than just a mere acknowledgement of the lack of inclusivity. It requires us to actively patronize Black-owned wineries in order to dismantle barriers, and empower entrepreneurs to recognize and feel confident about their contributions. Although there is still far to go in the wine industry, here are some of the wineries with owners who are seeking to change the statistics:

Chapelton Vineyards and Winery, Texas

Owned by Michelle and Kurt Lyn, this 75-acre property offers a selection of wines sourced not only from their own grapes, but also California, Uruguay and Argentina. With an emphasis on premium wines, the Lyns are on a mission to expand their patrons’ knowledge of wine and provide a sanctuary for wine enthusiasts.

Brown Estate, California 

Although this 450-acre estate was first purchased by Bassett Brown and his wife, Marcela Brown, in 1980, the Brown Estate label was officially established in 1996. The first Black-owned winery in Napa Valley, California, Brown Estate is known for producing one of that region’s best Zinfandels. The family-owned winery also produces Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Gotham Winery, New York

Kwaw Amos is the founder of New York’s first Black-owned winery, Gotham winery, which boasts an array of wines, include Rosé, Pinot Noir and Merlots. The selection of wines is divided into 4 distinct series: The Unity Series, which celebrates people coming together; The City Lifestyle Series, which celebrates differences; The Gotham Series, which spotlights wines that can be enjoyed on any occasion; and, the Oson Series, which celebrates African heritage. 

Philosophy Winery & Vineyard, Maryland

Philosophy is the first Black-owned winery in Maryland, which is also the first fully female-owned winery in the State. Founded by Kimberly Johnson and Denise Matthews, this winery includes a Viognier and a Cabernet Franc.

Seven Springs Farm and Vineyard, North Carolina

Acquired by Preston Williams in 1987, this 150-acre plot of land was transformed to include vineyards in 2017. Recognizing the lack of Black-owned wineries in the United States, Williams’ goal is to produce a quality that will give “our people an opportunity to experience some of the finer things in life that we used to have to go across the tracks to experience.”

In the spirit of enriching your 2024 Wine Trail, here are some Black-owned wine brands from around the world: 


Nyarai cellars 


Armand de Brignac

La Fete Rosé

Marie Césaire 

B. Stuyvesant Champagne


Edelheiss Wines 


Il Palazzone

Lyons wine 

Wifey Rose 



Saint Lucia

Xona Wines 

South Africa

Adama Wines 

Amandla Wines

Aslina Wines 

House of Mandela


Tully’s Wine

King’s Wine

Alko Vintages

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