Issa Rae Is Launching A Studio To Create Opportunities For Creators

Last updated on Feb 24, 2024

Posted on Feb 13, 2024

Issa Rae is expanding her business portfolio with a new up and coming venture. 

In a recent conversation with Time Magazine, the multifaceted actress and producer unveiled an array of new projects and ventures coming down the pipeline.

Issa Rae is emphatically signaling that she's far from reaching the endgame, even after the cancellation of her most recent show on HBO Max, "Rap Sh!t." Her new endeavor will see her wearing multiple hats as a producer, writer, and on-screen talent. Additionally, she's brewing up a comedy centered around the intricacies of corporate America.

“I recognize that I have to do well economically to be able to make change,” Issa explained in her Time Magazine interview. “That’s frustrating, that’s ugly. But I recognize that money moves things faster—and so much of what I do is with the intention to help make those moves.”’

While nurturing these new creative ventures, Rae remains steadfast in her support for fellow artists, building upon the groundwork laid by her production company Hoorae and Color Creative, a marketing agency dedicated to elevating women and minority voices.

Her sights are now set on establishing a studio that will serve as a launchpad for emerging talent.

"We've secured the backing; now it's about securing the physical space," Rae disclosed to Time. "Believe me when I say, we're primed and ready. I've carved out my corner of the world, and I'm committed to filling it with as many voices as possible. Until we exhaust every opportunity, the prospects remain bright."

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