Master P and Snoop Dogg File Lawsuit Against Walmart And Post Foods Over Cereal Venture

Last updated on Mar 25, 2024

Posted on Mar 19, 2024

In a recent announcement, it has come to light that Master P and Snoop Dogg, known not only for their rap careers but also for their business ventures, are encountering obstacles in their cereal business due to alleged actions by major industry players. The duo has reportedly taken legal action, filing a lawsuit claiming that Walmart and Post Foods have conspired to hinder the success of their cereal venture, Snoop Cereal, by affecting its visibility on store shelves.

The lawsuit, filed in February, alleges several grievances, including breach of contract, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, collusion and conspiracy, and aiding and abetting an infringement. Among these allegations is the claim that Walmart and Post Foods have breached the implied covenant of good faith dealing.

During a press conference addressing these issues, footage was presented showing customers eager to purchase Snoop Cereal at Walmart stores. However, in various locations, including Long Beach, CA, Snoop Dogg's hometown, customers reported that the product was either missing from the shelves or stored in the back room, inaccessible to shoppers. An employee from the Long Beach Walmart mentioned that they were out of stock, while another location allegedly kept the product in the back room, preventing it from being displayed on shelves.

Master P expressed frustration during the conference, highlighting the lack of opportunity given to their product despite its quality. He emphasized their belief in the product's taste and their ability to compete with other brands, but lamented the unfairness of being sidelined. Similarly, Snoop Dogg underscored their intention to set an example of positive business practices, empowering the youth through entrepreneurship.

In a particularly contentious move, it was revealed that Broadus Foods, Snoop's company, is allegedly being charged to repurchase unsold store products. Attorney Ben Crump condemned this action, describing it as adding insult to injury. He explained that according to the contract Master P and Snoop entered into with Post and Walmart, chargebacks are incurred for unsold products, even if they were not made available on shelves.

Although the exact monetary demand has not been disclosed, Crump assured that the damages incurred are substantial. Despite these challenges, Master P expressed a desire to continue doing business with Walmart, but stressed the importance of receiving fair treatment and opportunities equal to those afforded to their competitors.

Master P sees their struggle as emblematic of larger issues within corporate America, particularly regarding opportunities for Black-owned businesses. He emphasized the need to fight for fairness not only for their brand but also for future generations of entrepreneurs striving to break into the market.

As they navigate these challenges, Master P and Snoop Dogg remain steadfast in their commitment to advocating for fairness and equal opportunity in the business world. They view themselves as champions for change, ready to take on corporate giants in pursuit of a level playing field for all.

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