How To Manifest the Love You Want with Love Coach C.K. | The Journey with Blue Season 3, Episode 5

Last updated on May 24, 2023

Posted on Nov 13, 2021

Women around the world are asking the same questions when it comes to love and relationships... Will I attract the love that I want and deserve? Or sometimes, we get so caught up in building our businesses that we don't think about building our love lives. I'm so glad I had an expert love coach that could answer my questions.

Charanna C.K. Alexander Jean is the first black female senior wedding editor at The New York Times and leads workshops around the country inspiring women to step into love. During our conversation, C.K. challenges us all in who do we need to be to attract and sustain the love that we want and deserve in our lives. She brings us back to self, for us to evaluate what is our relationship with self and what is our relationship to our word. She helps us see that our first relationship begins with ourselves.

C.K.'s Love Tips Are:

Shift From Lack to Abundance

It is so important that we move from this place of fear in thinking there is not enough good men to go around. This is the furtherest from reality.

Prioritize Self

Evaluate your relationship with self. Are you making sure you are happy, healed and fulfilled with yourself first?

Get Clear on What You Want

Be clear about the characteristics, feeling and experience you want to create with your partner. From there you are able to dismiss things that are not in alignment with what you truly want.

Let's just say, this conversation is true transformation and will help you create the life and business of your dreams.

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