Tubi's Acquisition By Fox And The Concerning Impact on The Black Community

Last updated on Mar 25, 2024

Posted on Mar 25, 2024

Four years ago on March 17th, 2020, Fox Corporation acquired Tubi for an estimated $440M. The acquisition has since sparked discussions about the potential implications for Black viewers and content representation within the streaming platform. The platform has seen a near 60% growth in 2023 thanks to a rise in multicultural and Black viewership. However with Fox's history of controversial programming and political affiliations, concerns have arisen questioning whether the platform could be exploiting Black creatives for profit, while using those profits to support policies that are detrimental to the Black community. This raises critical questions about the intersection of media ownership, political influence, and its impact on the Black community.

Fox Corporation's ownership of Tubi also introduces the possibility of content curation that perpetuates harmful stereotypes and narratives about Black people.

Fox News, a subsidiary of Fox Corporation, has faced criticism for its biased reporting and perpetuation of racial stereotypes, contributing to the spread of misinformation and divisive rhetoric. While Tubi has positioned itself as a platform for diverse content, there are concerns that Fox's influence may lead to the prioritization of programming that reinforces negative perceptions of Black communities.

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Furthermore, Fox Corporation's involvement in political campaigns and lobbying efforts raises alarms about the potential alignment of Tubi's content with agendas that are detrimental to the Black community. Fox News and other Fox-owned media outlets have been known to support politicians and policies that undermine the interests of marginalized communities, including efforts to restrict voting rights, roll back civil rights protections, and perpetuate systemic racism.

Tubi has attracted a sizable Black audience, with a substantial portion of its viewership coming from Black households. According to recent statistics, Black viewers represent a significant demographic on Tubi, comprising a notable percentage of its overall user base. This demographic has contributed to Tubi's success as a streaming platform, underscoring the importance of catering to their interests and perspectives.

Furthermore, concern lies in how Fox Corporation may use the revenue generated from Black viewership to fund initiatives that undermine the rights and well-being of Black people.

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This includes financial support for politicians who advocate for policies that perpetuate systemic racism, roll back DEI initiatives, restrict access to healthcare, and exacerbate economic inequalities. Tubi's appeal to Black audiences has contributed significantly to its success as a streaming platform, with a substantial portion of its viewership coming from Black households.

As a result, there are worries that Fox may direct funds from Tubi towards programming that reinforces harmful stereotypes and narratives about Black communities. Fox News, in particular, has faced criticism for its biased reporting and perpetuation of racial stereotypes, which can contribute to negative perceptions and attitudes towards Black individuals. This could potentially perpetuate harmful narratives and hinder efforts towards greater diversity and representation in media.

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In response to these concerns, advocates for social justice and media accountability have called for transparency and oversight regarding Fox's use of Tubi's profits. This includes demands for disclosure of financial contributions to political campaigns and initiatives, as well as scrutiny of programming decisions that may perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

The potential for Fox Corporation to use Tubi's profitability from Black viewership to support policies, programming, and politicians that are detrimental to Black communities underscores the importance of holding media conglomerates accountable for their economic and political influence. Without transparency and oversight, there is a risk that Tubi's ownership by Fox could result in the exploitation of Black viewership for financial gain, further perpetuating systemic inequities and injustices.

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