Black-Owned Haircare Brands Making Life A Tad Bit Easier

Last updated on Feb 24, 2024

Posted on Feb 16, 2024

Over the years, the natural hair movement has been reenergized, blossoming into not just a potent force for empowerment, but also a necessary one that has challenged societal norms and stereotypes. Transcending a mere phenomenon, the movement has been a vital catalyst for broader conversations on the importance of representation, redefining society’s understanding of beauty and creating a space for a limitless exploration of natural hair – an exploration intimately tied to self-expression ad identity. 

Although the decision to “go natural” is still a complex one, and indeed a personal one, there are an increasing number of Black-owned brands that are contributing to making the process a little bit easier, while keeping our tresses healthy and radiant. This month, Official Black Wall Street is highlighting some of these businesses catering to hair of every texture and curl, including some owned by your favorite Black celebrities!


With leave-in conditioners, styling creams, detangling nectars and more, including a blow dryer with 4 unique attachments, Pattern, by Tracee Ellis Ross, is determined to meet your hair where it is and empower each curl.


Having founded one of the fastest growing hair care companies, Gwen Jimmere has gifted us revolutionary, easy to use products, that turn “#WashDaystoWashMinutes”.

OBIA Naturals

Founded by Obia Ewah, OBIA naturals is committed to producing pH balanced, vegan and herbal-based hair products for both men and women by emphasizing “natural ingredients for natural products”.

Curl Queen

Launched by celebrity hair stylist, Nai’vasha, Curl Queen features a range of products geared towards defining, revitalizing and nourishing curls of all types. Her Curl Queen Therapy Collection is made with manuka honey, to retain moisture, African chebe powder, to help hair growth and CBD to soothe the scalp.


Founded in 2017 by Susan Edwards, Uhai, which means life in Swahili, features a range of products created using the continent’s “most powerful botanicas”, including baobab, a superfood high in antioxidants that is found in southern and western Africa. 

Simone Organics

This brand features a Restore & Grow oil made from a blend of nutrient-rich oils and herbs that aids healthy hair growth and soothes itching and inflammation.


With a specific focus on scalp care, Taraji P. Henson launched TPH, a brand that delivers nourishment, protection and deep cleansing solutions to all hair types and styles, and at affordable prices! Some of the bottles even include an applicator that allows the product to be delivered directly to your scalp, avoiding waste!


Founded by Liberian born Julian Addo, whose traditional name is Adwoa, this award-winning, gender-neutral brand embraces a spectrum of hair textures and provides an array of products that deliver maximum results throughout your entire hair care routine. 

Sienna Naturals

Co-owned by Issa Rae and Hannah Diop, Sienna Naturals is a dermatologist-tested and -approved, vegan product line that puts “textured hair at the center of clean beauty innovation”. 


With a range of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing treatments and styling products, Gabrielle Union’s Flawless leverages hydrating and protein-rich ingredients to moisturize, strengthen and reinforce hair health. 

Donna's Recipe

Founded by Tabitha Brown and Gina Woods in 2021, Donna’s recipe consists of a range of nutrient-rich, clean, vegan ingredients that make it easier to care for your hair. 

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