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30 Black-Owned Brands You Can Shop at Target

When Black-owned brands make their way onto the shelves of big box retailers, it’s time for us to show up and show out. While it is important to support these brands through their own avenues, showing up at stores like Target sends a different message. It says, yes, we

22 May 24 13 min read

17 Lingerie Brands Made By and For Black Women

Everyone wants to get sexy from time to time. There’s something about lingerie that makes us feel good about ourselves. And whether you’re putting it on for yourself or a significant other, you should feel good when you wear it. Some of the most popular lingerie brands feel

29 Mar 24 9 min read
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The Richest Black Communities in the United States

What do you imagine when you think of Black communities? Society and entertainment still shape Black communities to solely mirror “ghettos.” It’s the 2020s. There is more to Black communities than what you see on TV and film. While shows and movies are showing poverty and crime, that’s

18 Mar 24 6 min read
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Black-Owned Wineries To Add To Your 2024 Wine Trail

When we think of wineries, we hardly give much consideration to the ownership; however, the reality reveals a significant lack of diversity within the industry. According to the Association of African American Vintners, of more than 1,000 wineries within the United States, less than 1% are Black owned.  There

15 Mar 24 3 min read
Black History

16 Wealthy Black Americans from Black History

Curated by Irene Smalls, MBA What do a scoundrel, a lady of the evening, a slave owner, an explorer, and businessmen have in common? They all became rich Black figures in American History. From the early days of struggle against slavery to the present era of groundbreaking achievements, Black individuals

23 Feb 24 6 min read
Black Owned Businesses

18 Black-Owned Wine Brands To Support Today

Did you know that less than 1% of winemakers are Black? Yes, you heard correctly. That’s why we’re excited to bring you this round up of Black-owned brands you can support! But first… Welcome back to Official Black Wall Street, the largest app and digital platform connecting you

29 Jan 24 1 min read
Entrepreneur Spotlight

The 10 Wealthiest Black Entrepreneurs in America

In this video we're going to discuss the 10 wealthiest Black entrepreneurs in America today. These individuals have built successful businesses and have amassed impressive fortunes along the way. Get ready to be inspired by their incredible journeys and the impact they have made in their respective industries.

24 Jan 24 1 min read

23 Black-Owned Hotels & Resorts for Your Next Vacation

The temperature is dropping and if you're anything like us, you're already planning a trip somewhere sunny. Whether you’re looking to stay in the States and travel across the country or you’re ready to dust off your passport for an international trip, we have

04 Oct 23 8 min read

16 Black-Owned Coworking Spaces Around the Country

In 2022 and beyond, we’re trading in corporate offices for coworking spaces. Most of us have probably had a toxic experience of working in an office. 2020 had many of us working at home or quitting our jobs to start a business. Now that the dust has settled and

17 Aug 23 7 min read

23 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Shop at Sephora | Makeup, Haircare & More

In recent years, there has been a powerful movement to amplify Black voices and support Black-owned businesses across various industries. Within the realm of beauty, Sephora, a global leader in cosmetics retail, has taken steps to spotlight and promote Black-owned brands, providing an avenue for inclusivity and representation within the

16 Aug 23 7 min read

25+ Black-Owned Swimwear Brands for Your Next Vacation

Bikinis, monokinis, and coverups - let’s just say this will be the attire for the summer. After a year of staying indoors and missing out on beach trips and vacations, we’re all ready to hop back into our favorite swimwear. And what’s better than bringing out an

01 Aug 23 8 min read
Amazon Finds

19 Black-Owned Amazon Finds For Prime Day & Beyond

If you're like us, you spend a lot of time and even more money on Amazon than you probably should, especially during annual Prime Day. During those hours of aimless shopping, how often do you think a Black-owned brand comes across the page? Not as often as it

11 Jul 23 8 min read

19 Black-Owned Businesses To Support This Juneteenth & Beyond

Juneteenth 2023 is officially here and this year, Official Black Wall Street is gearing up to celebrate the best way we know how: by supporting Black-owned businesses! We've partnered with Juneteenth Freedom Fest NYC to curate a marketplace of amazing Black-owned businesses we can all support during the

15 Jun 23 5 min read

19 Black-Owned Wine Brands to Add to Your Collection

Is there anything more satisfying than a glass of wine after a long day? If you’re choosing to skip happy hour at your local bar, you can easily pour a glass of wine in the comfort of your home. And what better way to enjoy your wine than with

25 Jun 22 6 min read

29 Black-Owned Bars and Restaurants for Your Future Date Night

Some might have different opinions on the workings of a date, but usually, food is involved. With so many restaurants offering outdoor dining, take-out and delivery options, the sky’s the limit with date night ideas. Continuing our date night series, we're bringing you a list of Black-owned

11 Feb 22 6 min read

26 Black-Owned Health & Wellness Brands to Get Your Life Right

What do you think of when you hear “health and wellness?” Most probably think of physical fitness, and while that is essential, it goes beyond that. It spans to mental health. It includes feminine and internal health. Several Black-owned brands are emphasizing health and wellness and creating safe spaces for

28 Nov 20 8 min read

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