Former NBA Star Devean George Develops Affordable Housing And Grocery Store In Minneapolis

Last updated on Feb 15, 2016

Posted on Feb 15, 2016

Devean George knows what it feels likes to win championships, now he plans to provide the foundation for others to win, in life.

George, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers as well as the Golden State Warriors up until 2010 has shifted his focus to winning off of the court. Along with former classmate and architect Jamil Ford, George has been instrumental in having a 47-unit building and grocery store erected in the North Minneapolis neighborhood where he grew up. The building will be located on Penn Avenue and Golden Valley Road, and George is hopeful that the affordable housing units will be a welcome change in a community plagued by crime and violence.

“Housing, I believe, is the foundation to doing whatever you want to do. If you don’t have stable housing, you’re not worried about education, you’re not worried about eating healthy, you’re not worried about anything else,” George said. He is confident that more affordable housing units will be developed in the near future. “This is just the start,” George said. “This is just the catalyst of everything that’s going to go on.”

Devean George is not only providing shelter but also ensuring stability as well for generations to come.

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