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Black History

Unbought And Unbossed: Shirley Chisholm, Ahead Of Her Time

Recently President Obama presented the distinguished Presidential Medal of Freedom to several deserving recipients, and although posthumous Shirley Chisholm’s name was rightfully one of those to top the list. She was an unflinching champion of minority education and employment opportunities for all. Shirley Chisholm didn't get into

21 Dec 15 1 min read
Monday Motivation

Jewell Jones: Young, Black And Seated On The City Council

While most adolescents in the state of Michigan are still trying to figure out their place in society, Jewell Jones is fighting for justice from within the City Council and bridging relations between the African American community and those who police them. Serving the people is nothing new for Jewell

07 Dec 15 1 min read
Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation - Khanyi Dhlomo

"... Failure is an opportunity to learn and to do better next time. It’s part of the path to greatness, which was never meant to be smooth." - Khanyi Dhlomo Meet Khanyi Dhlomo, the South African entrepreneur who took the media and fashion industries by storm. As a

17 Aug 15 1 min read
Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation - Robert L. Johnson

"First of all, you have to believe you can do it no matter what anyone else says. You have to put on blinders to people who say that it can't be done. Secondly, you have to be willing to dedicate yourself to the agenda of running a

10 Aug 15 1 min read

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