Meet The First Black Female Mayor In Douglasville, Georgia

Last updated on Feb 20, 2024

Posted on Jan 4, 2016

Rochelle Robinson is no stranger to hard work and definitely no shrinking violet when it comes to fighting for her community. Recently Robinson was elected as Douglasville, Georgia’s first female, African American Mayor.

Robinson’s road to the Mayor’s office began as young as the age of 8, as she recalls her earliest moments as an activist, “We were very aware of what was going on in our community,” Robinson said of her mother’s influence. “She had me marching on the Board of Education when I was in third grade for equality and books. So I believe my mom planted the seed for me being in service, being aware and connected to the community.”

Robinson’s connection to Douglasville runs deep as a twenty-year resident of the town she serves, seated on the city council from 2002 to 2006.

Robinson admits that her Mayoral win was bitter sweet falling on a day that was already etched into the history books, “I was just overwhelmed and the first thing that came to my memory: Rosa Parks sat down 60 years ago today, so that I could stand up in this city,” Robinson said. I’m standing on so many shoulders. I did not get here by myself.”

A modern day Superwoman, it is amazing that the same person holding her own in the political arena also finds time to pastor the people as an ordained minister and raise three children, while maintaining a humble heart but Robinson seems to do it all.

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