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Last updated on Feb 8, 2024

Posted on May 31, 2023

Over a century ago today, one of the deadliest race massacres took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hard work and success were ripped and burned from the hands of the Black business owners of the Greenwood District. While the devastation was ignited by one specific event, Hannibal B. Johnson, author of Black Wall Street 100: An American City Grapples with its Historical Racial Trauma, describes Tulsa as being a "tinderbox" in the time leading up to May 31. Prior to white 17-year-old Sarah Page accusing Dick Rowland, a 19-year-old shoe shiner, of sexual assault, tension was already growing in Tulsa. It could be attributed to the white population's feelings of contempt towards Greenwood's successful Black entrepreneurs, the land lust of railroad companies and industrialists who wanted the land on which the Greenwood district sat, and media outlets like the Tulsa Tribune publishing a series of incendiary articles.

Once a white lynch mob formed, incentivized by the Tulsa Tribune's headline to "Nab Negro for attacking girl in elevator," Black Wall Street stood burning within hours. This thriving area made up of small businesses, movie theaters, dance halls, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and more was left in ruins.

In the aftermath on June 1, the Black community of Tulsa was resilient. While many focus on the event as the biggest part of the story, Johnson describes the Tulsa Race Massacre as a chapter in the narrative of Greenwood's community and people. Through what he describes as their "indomitable human spirit," the community immediately began working towards rebuilding. It was completed in 1925 when the Greenwood District hosted the National Negro Business League.

Tulsa's Greenwood District peaked in the 1940s when there were well over 200 documented Black-owned and -operated businesses. To say the community regrew in the face of adversity would be an understatement. Not only were they dealing with the Tulsa Tribune publishing editorials titled "It must not be again," but they also experienced open hostility from the mayor, city commission, and other city leadership who blamed Tulsa's Black community for the massacre. Still, the Greenwood District was able to "rebuild and rebound."

The Greenwood District formed largely due to Jim Crow and segregation laws. Once these laws were abolished, the community began shifting to the face that one would see today - 100 years later. Tulsa's Greenwood District is now an integrated, mixed-use community, but as it grows, it is not growing into the hub of Black-owned businesses it once was. Regardless, Tulsa is still flowing with Black-owned businesses, many located on the historic Greenwood Avenue. To support many of the Black entrepreneurs you'd still find in Tulsa, Oklahoma, here are 30 Black-owned businesses in the area.

Arts & Entertainment

10 N. Greenwood Avenue, Suite B
Tulsa, OK 74120

EDUREC Youth and Family Fun Center

5424 Madison Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74126

Greenwood Cultural Center

322 N. Greenwood Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74120

Health & Beauty

Black Label Men’s Grooming

6373 S. Memorial Drive, Suite B
Tulsa, OK

Blow Out Hair Studio

109 N. Greenwood Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74120

Greenwood Wellness Clinic

1216 E Apache Street
Tulsa, OK 74106

Mandy’s Beauty Supply

7212 E. 41st Street
Tulsa, OK 74145

Poppi’s Spa and Lounge

302 S. Frankfort Avenue, Suite C
Tulsa, OK 74120

Tee’s Barber Shop

120 N. Greenwood Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74120

Touched by Honey Aesthetics

4728 S. Mingo Road
Tulsa, OK 74146

Vivid Salon LLC

782 E. Pine Street
Tulsa, OK 74106


Habit Boutique

1717 N Peoria Avenue, Suite 12
Tulsa, OK 74106

Habit Boutique

1717 N. Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74106

Food & Drink

Black Wall Street Liquid Lounge

10 N. Greenwood Avenue, Suite 101
Tulsa, OK 74120

Evelyn’s Soul Food Cuisine

3014 N. 74th E. Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74115

Leon’s Smoke Shack BBQ

601 S. Sheridan Road
Tulsa, OK 74112

Mack’s Wings

782 E. Pine Street
Tulsa, OK 74106

Sweet Lisa’s Cafe

1717 N. Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74106

TAP In Wine & Spirits

4748 N Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74126

Waffle That

2115 Martin Luther King Boulevard
Tulsa, OK 74106

Wanda J’s Next Generation

111 N. Greenwood Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74120


The Black Wall Street Times


The Oklahoma Eagle


Tulsa Star



Black Women Business Owners of America

36 E. Cameron Street, Suite 15
Tulsa, OK 74103

Met Cares Foundation

9521 S. Riverside Drive, Suite B #177
Tulsa, OK 74137


3 Leafs Dispensary

246 N. Yale Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74115

Bethel Pharmacy

205 E. Pine Street, Suite 7
Tulsa, OK 74106

Black Wall Street Market

5616 N. Osage Drive
Tulsa, OK 74126

Fulton Street Books & Coffee

210 W. Latimer Street
Tulsa, OK 74106

Be sure to visit https://obws.com/ for more Black-owned businesses in Tulsa, the United States, and around the world.

For more information on Hannibal B. Johnson, visit: https://www.hannibalbjohnson.com/

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