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Entrepreneur Spotlight

Meet The Black Woman Behind The Jewelry Showcasing The Beauty of Human Creativity & Compassion: Emerald Sun Creations

In the enchanting world of jewelry making, where artistry meets adornment, one Louisiana-based entrepreneur stands out with a unique vision and a heartwarming mission. Meet Wendy Turner, the brilliant mind and artisan behind Black-owned brand Emerald Sun Creations, a brand that weaves stories of nature, creativity, and compassion into every

04 Oct 23 6 min read

How Squad Trip is Revolutionizing the Black Travel Movement

The Black travel movement is bigger now than it’s ever been before. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an uptick in travel — family reunions, destination weddings, squad trips, and more. Black entrepreneurs Darrien Watson and Stevon Judd are revolutionizing how travel agents, small businesses, and trip organizers plan

07 Dec 22 10 min read
Entrepreneur Spotlight

Meet Jasmine Lawrence, Owner of EDEN BodyWorks

Beginning a successful business at any age is no easy feat, but the founder and CEO of EDEN BodyWorks [] managed to do that and more at the young age of 13. Frustrated with products that were damaging her hair, she set out to find her

24 Jul 15 4 min read

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